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 In 2017 the on-line gallery www.tinaholley.com and the Tina Holley Gallery at

 Bodnant Craft Centre will continue to be open

 seven days a week all year round

New original watercolour paintings continue to be added to this page,

please re-visit to see the new works.


Original watercolour paintings:


"Llyn Gwynant in winter"                   £495

Original watercolour

painting size 40cm x 27cm

This new work is of a beautiful misty day at Llyn Gwynant in January just before we moved up to Scotland. I have so many brilliant memories of mysterious days like this in North Wales.

This painting can be viewed at Bodnant Craft Centre, by the National Trust Bodnant Garden


"Colours of autumn"             £595

original watercolour

painting size 40cm x 27cm

The richness of the autumn tree colours, particularly my favourite -  maples - will be a continuing subject for my paintings as I think it lifts the spirit like those gorgeous odd days in winter when you wake up to a clear blue sky.

This painting can be viewed at Bodnant Craft Centre, by the National Trust Bodnant Garden



"Foel Goch and Llyn Ogwen under snow"   £525.00

This must be my favourite spot in N Wales, and to see  it  under snow with the lake so calm as to mirror the mountains – does it get any better than this ? I was fascinated by the way that the stillness of the water turned the picture almost into an abstract study, which way is up ?



"The waterfall at Aber (gwyngregyn)"              £495.00


 I was particularly tickled by the way the foreground rocks turned out in this painting – it often happens that whilst deciding to paint the complete view I become involved in one part of it, sometimes a tree, or a reflection and in this case it was the rocks !

This painting can be viewed at Pensychnant Conservation Centre in the Sychnant Pass, Conwy


The Old Boatyard at Conwy           £595.00 


Tucked behind Conwy castle is this amazing half boatyard -half boat  graveyard, with its fantastic shapes and colours. What stories these old boats could tell….

 Prints have been made of this original watercolour.


"Cottages at Penmon Point"          £425.00

painting size 40cm x 27cm

size mounted and framed 68cm x 55cm


When the children were young a treat (well for Frank and I) was to go to Penmon Point, look at the mountains, search for marine fossils on the beach and eat scones in the cafe. These white houses always glowed as they caught the sun and seemed to be like guardians or lookouts  watching across the Straits. Somehow they looked a little plaintive as well and I think that's why I wanted to paint them


"Marine Walk, Conwy"                                 £595.00


 This lovely view across the estuary is from the Marine Walk by Bodlondeb Woods. It was a beautiful crisp February day and it felt as though you could have walked on the surface of the water it was so still

 Prints have been made of this original watercolour.

This painting can be viewed at Bodnant Craft Centre, by Bodnant Garden


Llandudno Pier at Twilight                   £395.00


This view is from Venue Cymru’s first floor, during the intermission of ‘Twelve Angry Men’ last year. It was such a beautiful colour and it was also fading quickly that for a moment I was quite undecided whether to stay and watch it out or rejoin Tom Conte for the denouement. As it was Tom Conte won, I took a photo and returned to my seat.

 Prints have been made of this original watercolour.


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